Practice Areas

There Are Two Ways To Proceed

The In-House Counsel Experience™


Our goal with this flagship platform is simple: we build strategic partnerships with our clients by providing round-the-clock access to their trusted advisor for a set number of hours per month in exchange for a modest recurring fee. Our clients have immediate access to their qualified business attorney without the overhead of an expensive attorney on staff. Each plan is individually tailored and contemplates each client’s budgetary constraints as well as the ebbs and flows of their legal needs. Indeed, we are very flexible with your hours – if you have time left over at the end of a particular month, we will roll that time over into the following month. This approach is refreshing to our clients who appreciate the ability to budget their legal needs over a fiscal year while having a partner that is committed to growing in their business.

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and providing business solutions to our clients that allow them to do what they do best – grow their company. It would be our pleasure to discuss how your business will benefit from our The In-House Counsel Experience™.

Examples of Services Received:

  • Advise and facilitate business entity formation and maintenance (Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships and Joint Ventures)
  • Draft and/or revise shareholder agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements
  • Draft company resolutions, stock transfers, buy-backs
  • Attorney consultation, legal research and general business counseling
  • Draft legal opinions, memoranda, letters on behalf of the client
  • Review and respond to demand letters
  • Review and modify client protocols for handling and protecting trade secrets and confidential information
  • Draft or revise non-disclosure agreements, covenants not to compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Review and revise employee handbooks
  • Handle employee and subcontractor issues, including inquiries from the Department of Labor
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues and lease negotiation and review
  • Manage litigation and other services performed by outside counsel and introduce clients to our preferred network of professionals
  • Prepare for due diligence and conduct internal investigations
  • Advise management on the legal implications of business conduct
  • Provide on-site best practices inspection and review
  • Commercial Litigation services are not included, but clients will receive a generous discount off our standard rates as part of our commitment to building a long-term business relationship.


Individual Practice Areas


Business Law:

Almost everything your business touches will involve the law – from formation and operation, contracts and vendors to confidential information and employment matters. Our firm is prepared to guide you through these matters and allow your business to thrive in the process.

Real Property:

We work with lenders, buyers and sellers on a variety of commercial and residential real estate transactions and development.  We also handle related issues such as realtor disputes, quiet title actions, adverse possession claims, and residential and commercial leasing negotiations, drafting and dispute resolution.


Disputes almost inevitably arise.  When they do, rest assured that Wagoner | Selchick stands ready to initiate or respond to the lawsuit with a thoughtful, cost-effective strategy that is always value-driven and aggressive when necessary.


Wagoner | Selchick has in-depth experience working on a variety of novel and common energy issues, particularly those affecting the oil and gas industry, ranging from leasing disputes and negotiations to title opinions. Wagoner | Selchick has also worked on projects related to solar energy production and the operation of Energy Supply Companies or ESCOs.

Trust & Estates:

Our team of highly experienced practitioners is prepared to discuss your estate planning needs. Whether you’re new parents, experiencing a life-changing event or are preparing to deal with medicaid and medicare planning, our attorneys look forward to helping you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Securities Law:

Our experienced securities legal team takes the guesswork out of a complex area of the law. Representing angel investors, entrepreneurs, investment funds and family offices alike, our firm routinely provides legal guidance and services relating to compliance, private placements, SEC filings, crowd funding, debt/equity investments, fund formation, and more. Let us guide you through each and every step; from valuation to drafting your private placement memorandum, we’ve got you covered.